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Encyclopedia of the world and its people: 27 volsEnglishEnglish Library1
The new junior world encyclopedia: 21 volsEnglishEnglish Library2
Wonderfull world of knowledge: 16 volsEnglishEnglish Library3
Collier's encyclopedia: prospectusEnglishEnglish Library4
Compton's encyclopedia: vol.1EnglishEnglish Library5
The home univeersity of knowledgeEnglishEnglish Library6
Encyclopedia Ameriicana: vol. 10EnglishEnglish Library7
Modern mathematics: year 9: intermediate courseEnglishEnglish Library8
The world and AustraliaEnglishEnglish Library9
Pictorial of Australian wildlifeEnglishEnglish Library10
Wheels. The day of the Jackal. SnatchEnglishEnglish Library13
Plane and geodetic surveying for engineers: plan surveing 5th edEnglishEnglish Library20
DeathwatchEnglishEnglish Library31
Summer of the red wolf and other storiesEnglishEnglish Library32
The honey flows and others.....EnglishEnglish Library36
The romance of reading: second seriesEnglishEnglish Library39
Libro ItalianoEnglishEnglish Library40
Australian birds and animalsEnglishEnglish Library51
Young peoples encyclopedia of spoertsEnglishEnglish Library52
Australia and the worldEnglishEnglish Library53